mercredi 10 octobre 2007

Merci Dorys !

Quelle agréable surprise ce soir ! Dorys m'a fait parvenir la page qu'elle a réalisée avec mon kit "Douceur d'automne" et l'une de mes quick notes. Elle est la première personne à m'envoyer un lay-out ! Un très grand et très chaleureux merci Dorys et un petit coucou à nos "cousins" du Québec, si cher au coeur de beaucoup de Français.

Voici la page de Dorys.

Une bien jolie jeune fille en compagnie de son superbe chien !

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grambie a dit…

I came across this awesome and so bright page using one of my favorite colors. Also, you have it in landscape which is the size that I use with all my scrapping. What a happy photoshot with that lovely child and her dog. (That is why I am trying to find out how to interpret the page because it would let me know what you have said in your journaling.) I feel it is unfair of me to visit and download your awesome design work and still lack the ability to really respond to your words within your blog. So, I will continue to search for a way to do so since you do not have the info available on your blog pages. As the time changes here in another hour, I wish you a lovely rest of the weekend. Your blog is a beautiful place to visit.